“Gun Control” in Public Schools: A Microcosm of Social Engineering

bubble-gun1Since the Sandy Hook shootings last December, mainstream media has been reporting incredible instances of totally asinine “zero tolerance” policies regarding toy guns in public schools. Last week, we learned of a 5-year-old girl who was interrogated for 3 hours and suspended from a Pennsylvania kindergarten after allegedly suggesting that she and a classmate “shoot” each other with bubbles using her pink Hello Kitty Bubble Gun. Now this week we’re told of a Pennsylvania 5th-grader who was physically searched and threatened with arrest for mistakenly bringing a folded piece of paper resembling a gun to class.

Naturally, the state run media is attempting to explain away the ridiculous toy gun prohibitions of these school administrators by claiming it’s just a panicked overreaction to the Sandy Hook shootings. But those who are awake to the scientific level of tyranny we live in today are aware that the controllers of these schools know exactly what they are doing. After all, genuine concern about a child’s welfare wouldn’t cause school employees to interrogate a 5-year-old girl for 3 hours over remarks about a bubble toy… This is a deliberate exercise in behavioral conditioning for both children and adults alike by the collectivist state. The school is not backing down on its decision to interrogate and discipline the child because it was not a mistake; it’s part of their plan.

The social engineers want everyone to know that their “officials” and “experts” will tell us exactly what is and what is not acceptable behavior by our children. The more ridiculous their demands become, the better it serves their purpose. They want to condition us to accept total absurdities. They want to break our will and obliterate our common sense. They want to dominate us and treat us all like little children. In fact, if we look at the insidious behavioral conditioning that has been taking place in schools since the passage of the Gun Free School Zones Act, we see a clear reflection, a microcosm, of the same two techniques of social control being used by the government to gradually disarm the American people: Collective Punishment and Incrementalism.

The Gun-Free School Zones Act
As an amendment to the original legislation from 1990, Congress passed the Gun Free School Zones Amendments Act of 1995 which required that states enforce a minimum one-year expulsion for any student who brings a “weapon” to school. This act made it a federal crime to possess a firearm on school property, and required states to enact their own similar legislation if they wanted to continue to receive federal education funds.

It’s important to note that while there were only two mass school shootings in the 22 years prior to the passage of this act, there have been at least 10 mass school shootings since the act was passed. If the federal government was actually trying to reduce gun violence in schools, they appear to have had exactly the opposite effect. Yet their response is not to repeal the act, but to instead push the policy towards the absurd extremes of zero tolerance that we see in schools today.

Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense
After the 1995 act, public schools began to incrementally expand their policies beyond actual weapons to include toy guns, artistic depictions of guns, and even children who point their fingers like guns. What began as “common sense reform” (just like the gun control polices advocated today) has resulted in the absurd, totalitarian “zero tolerance” policies that would accuse a 5-year-old girl of making terrorist threats, or bully a 5th-grader for bringing a folded piece of paper to class. The government has incrementally maneuvered us into a bizarre, Orwellian condition in which harmless little children are treated like criminals and terrorists, and yet tragic (and often suspicious) mass shootings of school children happen five times more often than they did before.

These asinine reactions to children’s toys by school administrators has been going on long before the Sandy Hook hysteria. All the way back in 2001, two New Jersey second-graders were playing cops and robbers with a piece of paper folded to look like a gun, and were actually arrested and charged with making terrorist threats. There are literally hundreds more examples, and it shows just how insidious and long term the behavioral conditioning has been. It runs the gamut from toy guns to hand gestures and even children’s names.

Nerf Guns
nerf gun green
Perhaps Nerf toy guns are the most common target of zero tolerance policies despite the fact that they’re practically harmless and bear little if any resemblance to an actual gun. On Jan.15, a Long Island school was placed on total lockdown for 6 hours because someone was seen with a lime-green Nerf toy gun. There was no actual gun, imitation gun, or even a “fake gun” as misleading headlines implied at the time. Government employees simply spread mass hysteria and perpetuated an obvious false alarm over a 911 call in which the caller clearly described a student with a green “toy gun.”

Last October, a 5-year-old kindergartener in Missouri was suspended for 10 days for bringing his Nerf gun to class. The principal sent a letter home to the parents saying, “Please take this opportunity to remind your children that no weapons of any kind are allowed on school property and encourage them to report unsafe situations.” Of course there was no “weapon” involved at all. The item in question was a bright yellow, green and purple toy that shoots foam balls.

In 2011, New Jersey police actually charged a 7-year-old with a misdemeanor for bringing a toy gun to class. After investigating the “suspicious activity,” police charged the child with possessing an imitation firearm on school grounds. According to the superintendent, the “imitation firearm” the child brought to school was a $5 toy, similar to a Nerf gun, that shoots soft, ping pong type balls.

In each case, the school is claiming that the child possessed a weapon or an imitation of a weapon. But an “imitation” is a fake or counterfeit, an item that appears to be something it is not. A Nerf gun is certainly not an imitation of a real gun. It is a brightly colored plastic toy and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. Only a Dr. Seuss character could possibly mistake a Nerf gun for a real gun. But this is not about safety or common sense; it’s about collective punishment and behavioral conditioning.

Water Gunssweet squirter
Toy water guns are probably even more harmless, and yet a Maryland 5-year-old was suspended for two days in 2007 when he brought his “Sweet Squirter,” a blue plastic candy dispensing water gun, to kindergarten. ACLU officials who took up the case were stunned that the toy had been deemed a weapon and stated that the candy filled squirt toy could not, ‘‘possibly be confused by anyone, whether a kindergartner or a teacher, with an actual weapon.” In 2006, a 6-year-old first-grader in Missouri was suspended for 10 days for bringing a 2-inch orange squirt gun to class. According to district policy, the squirt gun was a “simulated weapon” and came with an automatic 10-day suspension. Like all the other students mentioned here, this “Class IV violation” went on the youngster’s permanent record.

Just like Nerf toys, these water pistols are not “simulated guns.” They are colorful, fanciful playthings that could never be mistaken by anyone for a real weapon, and in any case are incapable of harming anyone in the hands of a child. This is simply collective punishment and incremental conditioning for young kids and their parents alike.

Miniature Guns
In 2010, a 9-year-old fourth-grader in New York was mini gunnearly suspended after playing with his Lego action figure at the lunch cafeteria table. In his possession was a tiny miniature gun about the length of three dimes. A school spokesperson explained there is a no-tolerance policy when it comes to “fake guns” because they are considered harmful to the school community. Again, the definition of a “fake” is anything made to appear other than it actually is. A miniscule piece of plastic is definitely not a fake gun. It doesn’t even squirt water or shoot sponge.

Gun Confiscation Training for Tots
For nearly a decade, the public servants of Providence, toygunbashRhode Island have sponsored a Christmastime program called the Toy Gun Bash in which children are preconditioned for disarmament and gun confiscation by the “authorities.” Kids line up to insert their toy guns into the mouth of the Bash-O-Matic, a device shaped like a monster that crushes the toys and “digests” them into its tail compartment. In return, children are given politically correct, state-approved toys like dolls and board games. City employees admit it is a child’s version of the gun buyback program for adults.

Gun Control or Mind Control?
Beyond the collectivist prohibition of harmless toys and the behavioral conditioning of children to turn in their playthings, public schools have incrementally pushed zero tolerance policies to include clothing, art, behavior, and language. What was intended as a “reasonable” policy has inevitably slipped into the absurdity of total domination by the state. What was supposedly just gun control has become behavior and thought control. Adults can expect the same outcome with the current gun control legislation under consideration, and any gun legislation to come in the future. The incrementalism and collective punishment will never stop until the American public is completely disarmed, as their behavior, language and thoughts increasingly come under state scrutiny.

Clothing & Art
In 2008, a 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy received 2 gun shirtdays’ detention for wearing a shirt promoting ‘homeland security’ with a simplistic image of a pistol on the front and back. The shirt was a gift from his uncle serving in Iraq. In 2007, a 7-year-old second-grader received a one day suspension from a New Jersey school for drawing a crude stick figure holding a water gun. The pint-sized offender also sketched a skateboarder, King Tut, and a cyclops. In two separate incidents the same year, Arizona students were suspended for doodling gun-like images on paper. When the father of one of the boys went to the school to discuss the obvious overreaction, administrators warned him of the “seriousness” of the issue in light of the 1999 Columbine massacre. The father was appropriately offended by the comparison of his son’s sketches to a completely unrelated mass murder 8 years prior. This is textbook collective punishment.

In Feb. 2012, an Ontario father was arrested without warrant, strip-searched, and thrown in jail after his 4-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun in 116cckindergarten. The innocent man’s house was searched, his wife was taken into custody, and his children were temporarily snatched by child welfare agents. Police claim their ridiculous response was because the tiny girl’s doodling was a “firearms related incident.”  In fact, this was just a raw display of power by the state intended to terrorize and humiliate. It’s worth noting that no guns were found at the house, and this part of Ontario already has gun registration, so all the police had to do was check the register. This is what Americans have to look forward to after forced gun registration. Even if you don’t own any guns, the “authorities” will still be able to turn your life upside down with impunity if your child so much as doodles a derringer.

Gestures & Language
Last December at least 3 children were suspended for hand_gun_2making gun gestures with their hands and fingers. A 5-year-old received a one day suspension and was banned from the school Christmas party after he made a gun gesture with his fingers and said, “Bang, bang.” School employees explained that “tension was high” when the “incident” took place because it happened right after Sandy Hook. Two 6-year-old boys in Maryland were suspended for making gun gestures while playing cops and robbers. School employees claimed that recent gun violence had “raised the debate” about what is appropriate, as if all public servants are now completely unable to distinguish between real gun violence and harmless child’s play.

This is just more indoctrination of both child and parent into collective punishment and behavior modification, and it was going on long before Sandy Hook. In 2010, a Michigan kindergartner was suspended after he curled his fist into a gun and pointed his finger at another child. School employees asserted this was “no laughing matter.” Some schools even banned playing Cops and Robbers as early as 2002.

The state is totally shameless in its desire to dominate and will relentlessly push the boundaries as far as the people will tolerate and consent. In August of last year, a Nebraska school actually asked the parents of a deaf 3-year-old preschooler to change his name because the sign language gesture for his name was a “violation of school weapons policy.” The school retracted its ridiculous demands after a public outcry ensued.

Collective Punishment
Collective punishment is the punishment of an entire group for the behavior of one or more individuals. During times of war and crisis, Gaza_Stripcollective punishment usually results in mass suffering, degradation, and death, which is why it is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Among skilled educators, only the most inept and authoritarian teachers tend to use collective punishment in their classrooms because it is largely ineffective and punishes the majority of students who are well-behaved. Yet this is precisely what the “zero tolerance” of gun free schools has done. Young, impressionable children are being severely punished and traumatized just for talking about their bubble toy or bringing a piece of folded paper to class, all because of the totally unrelated and statistically rare actions of a few lone psychopaths.

Collective punishment is distinctly un-American because it crushes individual liberty, stifles dissent, and creates a society of snitches. But so long as they consent, adult Americans can expect to be hit with the same collective sanctions that have been used against their youths. Law abiding, patriotic gun owners will themselves be treated like children by the state and forced to hand in their weapons because of a few “lone shooter” psychopaths. Whether it is effective in keeping the people safe or not is irrelevant. Collective punishment is a demonstration of raw power and domination over an entire population. It is a hallmark of hardcore collectivism and has been a favorite technique of totalitarian governments throughout history.

Perhaps even more insidious and harder to resist than big-brother-is-watching-youcollective punishment, incrementalism is the never-ending behavior modification of the people by the paternalistic government (a.k.a. “Big Brother” or the “Nanny State”).

Adults are patronizingly treated like children who are unable to manage their own lives or make their own decisions. Like a domesticated herd of livestock, the people are slowly, steadily goaded and coerced into ever increasing compliance with the state’s demands. Stealthy gradualism allows the social engineers to modify and control the public’s behavior with the least amount of resistance. Eventually, the people are tricked and trained into abandoning their own judgment and common sense in favor of the state’s authority, no matter how insulting or absurd it may get.

Over time, what was introduced as “common sense reform” becomes “zero tolerance,” and tyrannical policy extremes are Boiling_Frogscompletely normalized. The distracted and unsuspecting public are like the proverbial boiling frog. James Madison, author of the Bill of Rights, was well aware of the dangers of incrementalism. “There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people, by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

Gun Control Through Behavior Modification
Collective punishment together with incrementalism is a fabian_societydevastating combination used to modify the behavior of the masses, and has been refined to a high art by the social engineers. The Fabian socialists in the UK and Australia have already successfully used this combination together with “lone gunman” shootings to disarm their populations.

After the Hungerford massacre of 1987 in which 16 people were killed, Britain introduced legislation making registration mandatory for shotguns and banning all semi-automatic and pump-action weapons. Ten years later came the 1996 Dunblane massacre in Scotland, in which 16 kindergarteners were killed. Within a year, lawmakers banned the private ownership of all handguns in mainland Britain. Just six weeks after the Dunblane Massacre, the conveniently-timed Port Arthur massacre in Australia resulted in 35 deaths. The resulting legislation largely disarmed all law abiding Australians: all semiautomatic and pump action weapons were banned, registration of all guns was enforced, and anyone requesting a gun had to prove they had genuine reason (and self defense was not a valid reason). In true incremental, collective fashion, Australian gun-grabbers have just this week indicated they will now be going after the remaining bolt-action firearms, and Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced her draconian attack on our Second Amendment rights.

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
– Vladimir I. Lenin

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”
– Josef Stalin
molon labe

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